Minox DC 6011 ultracompact announced

The Minox DC 6011 offers six megapixel resolution coupled to a MINOCTAR-branded 3x optical zoom lens. Other features include power from a proprietary Lithium Ion rechargeable battery (which is charged in-camera via a bundled camera docking station), as well as...

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Minox DC5011, DC6011 compacts announced

Minox is rolling out two fairly basic digicams, the 5-megapixel DC5011 and the 6-megapixel DC6011. Both cameras have all the now-standard features: 2.5-inch LCD, 3x zoom and a movie mode. Pricing hasn't been announced, but we somehow don't expect these...

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New ultra-compact 6 megapixel Minox DC 6211

December 24, 2005 - 10.15 GMTMinox announces the Minox DC 6211 which features a resolution of 6.2 million pixels, a 3x optical zoom as well as a generous 2.5 inch color monitor built into the elegant aluminum body. An...

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Minox DC 6211

Minox DC 6211 : Great in achievements, small in weight and dimensions: with the new Minox DC 6211 the optical specialist Minox updates their series of compact digital camera with the latest technology. The Minox 6211 has a effective...

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