Nikon Coolpix S4 (p)reviewed

Nikon Coolpix S4

We like swiveling lens digicams, if only for the looks we get the first time anyone sees us give the cam a twist. But we sometimes also like the pics we get out of these units, especially if they’re made by Nikon. And have 6 megapixel resolution. And especially if that twisted lens gives us a 10x zoom in a package the size of a typical 3x compact. That’s what you get out of Nikon’s Coolpix S4, and judging from Let’s Go Digital’s review of a pre-production unit, this camera lives up to its looks. Let’s Go liked the S4’s lens, its user-friendly options and its 2.5-inch LCD, which subs for an optical viewfinder (something which is a definite minus for some people).

10x optical zoom, tiny package - what more could a casual snapper want?


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