Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 reviewed

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1

If you’ve been waiting to see whether Sony’s 10-megapixel, $1,000 DSC-R1 would emerge as a competitor for DSLRs, well, you can stop waiting. PC Magazine has reviewed the high-end EVF, and has declared it to be only fair. Sure, the reviewer liked the camera’s 5x Zeiss zoom lens, flip up LCD display, and “excellent��? image quality. But these pros were overshadowed by such complaints as bulkiness, lack of anti-shake tech, and lack of video functions. In the end, the review concludes that the R1 might appeal to customers with lots of cash, an unwillingness to change lenses, and a distaste for viewfinder framing. For others looking for a camera in this price range, PC Mag recommends going the DSLR route, where you can even get a multi-lens kit for less than Sony’s charging for the R1.


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