Tamron AF18-250mm F/3.5-6.3 Di-II LD Aspherical (IF) Macro (whew!)

052907Tamron 18 250Mm

Tamron set out to design a compact power zoom that would not skimp on quality or range and for the most part have succeeded in delivering both. There’s no question that a 13.9x tele is a remarkable feat, albeit at the price of an f/6.3 maximum aperture at the tele end. Were this a lens for a film camera this max aperture might eliminate it from consideration, but with digital it can be compensated for by simply raising ISO to a reasonably high speed. Necessarily, you need to make sure shutter speed is such that you will not create camera shake when working racked out; I generally work with Shutter Priority at the longer focal lengths and strive to shoot at 1/500 sec when possible. However, I did shoot a few night scenes with the lens and properly braced it did just fine. Shake, as you know, is mostly operator failure and only somewhat camera failure, although having a fairly narrow max aperture makes you aware of it more than if you had a faster lens.

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12MP Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z1200 reviewed

Casion Exilim1200Black

Casio, like Panasonic earlier today, just pumped out their own 12.1 megapixel shooter, the Exilim Zoom EX-Z1200. A 1/1.7-inch CCD and 3x zoom lens will be responsible for collecting the photons while the Exilim Engine 2.0 processing attempts to make sense of it all. Casio's flagship compact also delivers CCD-shift image stabilization and range of blur-reduction technologies bent on making the most of that ISO 1600 sensivity -- if reviews of its EX-Z1000 cuz are anything to go by then that's probably not saying much.

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Canon PowerShot A570 IS reviewed

Canon-Powershot-A570Is 6A

The image quality of the Canon PowerShot A570 IS camera is great. The colours are saturated and appear natural. The saturation is a bit strong for my taste, but that is a personal preference. The Canon PowerShot A570 IS may not perform perfectly in extreme artificial lighting, but a simple white balance correction will resolve this problem immediately. The images are rich in detail, and even very high contrast situations are no problem.

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Canon PowerShot SD900 Digital ELPH preview


Canon's Digital ELPH series is designed for the person who doesn't want to worry about shutter speeds and apertures to get good pictures. If Auto mode doesn't do the trick the Programmed Auto (M) accesses options like White Balance, EV compensation, and Metering. And if that's too much trouble, there's a healthy selection of 11 Scene modes to solve almost any problem.

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Canon PowerShot A710 IS reviewed

Canon Powershot A710Is 1A

At first, it doesn't look very different to its predecessor. However, the Canon PowerShot A710 IS really is an improvement and a much more complete camera. You could say that, with the Canon PowerShot A710 IS, the A series has grown up and that it is the perfect stepping stone on the way to a digital SLR camera. I'm very positive about it. This camera has an amazing range of possibilities and excellent image quality for a great price and you will enjoy using it for a long time to come.

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Olympus Mju 725 SW waterproof compact

Olympus Mju 725Sw Girl Under

For those who like to take part in active sports and other lively pursuits, life can sometimes get pretty tough. That’s why it’s good to know that Olympus caters specifically for people with active lifestyles that accept no limits. With the shock and waterproof µ 725 SW they needn’t forgo photographic freedom while taking part in the activities they enjoy. Protected to a depth of 5m* underwater and against falls from up to 1.5m*, this new model is hot on the heels of the successful predecessor model, µ 720 SW, which introduced a new era in go-anywhere digital photography. The stylish, metal-bodied camera offers users more than just rugged toughness. Equipped with BrightCapture Technology for exceptional results in low light and bright, high-contrast views on the 6.4cm LCD, plus 7.1 million pixels for razor-sharp, crystal-clear images, the compact µ 725 SW packs a real punch. Available in the colours Deep Blue, Cherry Red and Titanium Grey, it’s the ultimate lifestyle accessory that is sure to be taken along everywhere – no matter if having fun in a pool, skateboarding around town or living it up at a festive dinner.

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Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS reviewed

14 344326

Easy to use, reliable, fast in operation – and delivering pictures that, for the most part, require little if any post processing – the Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS suggests itself as one of the better (perhaps even one of the best) compromises between style, features and portability. Its zoom range is better than many fashion-orientated compacts at 4x, the LCD is large and clear enough to make framing and reviewing images a stress free process, while real optical image stabilization on such a camera, if not quite perfect, is still a real plus. As such, the IXUS 800 IS is a worthy continuation of the IXUS family lineage, and, for me, that feature alone makes it worth the extra £50 over and above the IXUS 65.

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Canon EOS-1D Mark II N reviewed

Canon Eos Mark2 N

The photos we've taken with the Canon EOS-1D Mark II N files are smooth and show almost no noise at ISO 100 and ISO 200 -- even ISO 400 and ISO 800 look very good. There is no sign of the banding that plagued images from the EOS-1D. As with most dSLRs, however, you must be careful not to underexpose your images. Noise can be seen very clearly in images that are too far underexposed. Just to be safe, we prefer to overexpose our images about half a stop, then bring the exposure down when converting the raw file with image-processing software.

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Nikon D80 10MP dSLR previewed


Nikon have now revealed all the details of their new 10.2 MP DSLR, the Nikon D80. It's aimed at the consumer market, but has a number of features in common with the 10.2MP Nikon D200, which is almost twice the price. The Nikon D80 is clearly a serious competitor for the recently announced Sony Alpha A-100 and even the Canon 30D. It remains to be seem what Canon release on August 24th!

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Casio Exilim EX-Z1000 reviewed


Despite, and not because of, the megapixel willy-waving, the EX-Z1000 is a superb camera. It possesses first class build quality, brisk performance, outstanding image quality and an innovative and easy-to-use control system that makes it ideal for a first-time user. As to whether you really need 10 megapixels, only you can decide.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 dSLR


Besides improving upon the resolution of its 8 megapixel predecessor, the FZ30, the FZ50 also throws down a new feature called Intelligent ISO Control, which adjusts the ISO setting (max. 1600) and shutter speed based on subject movement -- promising to minimize image blur without forcing the user to adjust the manual controls. Further enhancing ease-of-use are a new Function button that delivers quick access to frequently-used settings and a longer-life battery that claims to deliver around 360 shots before recharging becomes an issue.

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Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 previewed

Sony Alpha A100

Now Sony have released their first DSLR. the Sony Alpha DSLR-A100. It's clearly a hybrid using some of the Konica-Minolta technology (and the Konica-Minolta lens mount), but it adds a few new features and shows that Sony is quite serious about getting into the DSLR market. The initial Sony lenses appear to be mostly rebadged Konica-Minolta lenses, but they have announced plans to release a number of lenses later in the year with new designs, including a few made/designed by Zeiss and they seem to be intending to make the Sony Alpha cameras (of which I'm sure this is just the first), part of a complete DSLR system.

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Olympus FE-115 reviewed


When looking at my test shots it is important to take into account the price level of the FE-115. This is after all one of the cheapest digital cameras you can buy from a well known brand. The results are a bit mixed. This is something to be expected. Starting off with the outdoor scenic shots focusing levels are good. A further plus point is that the level of focusing stays fairly sharp up to the edges and there is no really noticeable loss of quality as you move away from the centre.

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